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Common Questions

We hope that these help you to make your visit a great experience

When does the Gathering start?2019-01-12T20:23:07-06:00

The Gathering (service) starts at 10 AM

How long does the Gathering run?2019-01-12T20:22:07-06:00

The Gathering (service) lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes

Where do you meet on Sundays?2019-01-09T02:42:30-06:00

We gather for a weekly Gathering in the auditorium of Parker Elementary.

Parker Elementary
Atwell Dr. Houston, TX 77096 

Where can I park?2018-12-21T19:54:06-06:00

Visitors are welcomed to park in the visitor parking spaces in the parking lot nearest to the front doors.

Addition parking is available along the pick-up and drop-off lanes as well as along the streets that border Westbury Park and Parker Elementary.

Are there activities for kids?2019-03-04T20:52:18-06:00

We offer a gospel centered Kids Ministry for children ages 6 mo. to 5th grade called Cistern Kids.

You are welcomed to arrive and check in your children to CISTERN KIDS starting at 9:45am.

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